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Monday, January 30, 2012

Funny You Should Ask!

Facebook fan and apparent mind reader Cathy asks (on my Facebook page):

"This may be a question you have answered in the past and if so sorry for the repeat. Can you recommend a good moisturizer for the face. Thank you."

As most of you know, I am gigantically pregnant right now. I apologize for not posting for a while, but I am almost too tired to type. When I'm not at my "real" job, at doctor's appointments, or getting ready for baby, I'm either napping or between naps, feet elevated over my uterus reading or watching the boob tube. 

Anyway, moisturizers...yes! I have been reading up on them lately because I have dry hair and skin for the very first time in my life thanks to all my hormonal changes. I've also developed a very slight case of melasma. 

"Doesn't smell like horse piss"
I love my Bio Oil for body, especially my nightly belly basting; I don't have any stretch marks yet (knock wood), and unlike another very popular stretch mark cream, it "doesn't smell like horse piss" according to my husband. I married a colorful guy! 

You really can't beat the price point either. I purchased a 2 oz. and 4 oz. bottle combination pack at Costco back in my first trimester for $20 USD and even with daily use, I just cracked open the 4 oz. bottle 2 weeks ago.

I know plenty of people who use Bio Oil on their faces, but it just doesn't work well on my face. It sort of just sits there. I started researching some moisturizing oils for face and hair probably about the same time as Cathy thought to ask about it. Spoooooky! My requirements were:

  • can be used on face, hair, and nails (I love cuticle oil, hate hand lotion. I have the world's clammiest hands and lotion makes them 10 times worse)
  • safe for baby
  • decent price point
 The first thing to show up in my search results was the celebrity favorite, Rodin Olio Lusso.

Olio Lusso is made up of 11 secret herbs and spices and  has apparently changed the skin of Madonna, Halle Berry, all the Victoria's Secret Angels, and Josie and The Pussycats (don't quote me on that last one). I'm sure it's absolutely wonderful; however

  • It costs $95...minimum
  • Madonna, Josie, and The Pussycats are far richer than most of us and can afford as many syringes full of whatever to smooth their faces than any of us reading or writing this can.
  • I need that $95 for diapers and wipes
Moving on to something a little more accessible to the masses, I came across Josie Maran Organic Argan Treatment Oil  on Josie herself is refreshingly real; you can check her out here in her training video which gives details about her Argan Oil and some of her cosmetic line :

The oil itself fits all my requirements plus its quick, easy to use, lightweight and absorbs quickly. Sephora sells a Try Me 0.5 oz. size for $14 online and by what I like to call the register trap (the little maze of trial size favorites in front of their registers). 

I purchased a trial sized bottle and so far am super pleased with just the plain product. It sinks right in and leaves everything nice and soft...even on the ends of my hair. Plus it can even be used on the baby when she decides to make her appearance.

The ingredient list is: Argan Oil. That's it.

You can find an entire line of Josie Maran Argan-based cosmetics and skin care at Sephora and has some great starter sets as well. Shipping from both Sephora and QVC is quick and hassle free.

Hope this helps!


  1. You know what's interesting, I developed melasma about 3 years ago. Lilli is 8 1/2. The doctors told me that "if it's a vanity problem, we can prescribe some acids to remove it, otherwise it should just go away by itself." It didn't. It went from a spot in the right upper corner of my forehead, to an obvious skin discoloration down the right side of my face and across my forehead. No one notices unless I point it out, but I have to stare at it every day in the mirror. I declined the acids because they used the word "vanity" and made me feel guilty for even bringing it up. Jerk faces.

  2. Seriously? Who said that, your doctor?