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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Weird Tufts O'Hair

Two good things happened this month:

My hair started growing back! If you missed it falling out, you can read all about it here . I'd love to say it's growing back thanks to the Ovation products I've been using, but apparently it's due to my hormones balancing themselves out. The regrowth does look nice and healthy though!

I did reorder Ovation though; their shampoo, Cell Therapy, and cream rinse are very nice, good smelling, cruelty free products and they produce some nice results. My hair is growing back in little tufts all over my head. It's weird looking, but it's there. It's especially noticeable around my temples where a lot of it fell out. At first I thought I just had a lot of gray hair coming in, but then I realized that what I was looking at wasn't hair at all, but pasty white scalp. Uh Mah Gawd. I ordered the Advanced Sulphate Free line this time, which I'm happy to report, produces just as much foamy goodness as the sulphate containing original shampoo.

You can order your own Ovation products at Sign up for their rewards program and you can earn points towards free products.

So now I should probably share with you the other part of this whole hair trial: I get to keep my hair once it grows back in, plus I can go back to my normal life.

You see, back when I was four months pregnant I was diagnosed with cervical cancer.I won't really go into the back-story, but I will say this: there is probably no more pathetic feeling than being wheeled into an operating room when you are clearly pregnant and not yet ready to give birth. Doctors, nurses, other patients...everyone looks at you like their heart is just breaking. It's awful.

Anyway, I just had my follow up biopsy, and I am back to "Precancerous" status. I thought for sure I'd be starting radiation soon, but for now all I have to worry about right now is that my cervix is always going to look "different".

I'll try not to be self-conscious about it.

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