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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Why I started this blog...Oh and WELCOME!


Here's a bit about me:

I have been obsessed with makeup ever since I can remember. I started with Tinkerbell and Crayola fact I clearly remember my mother telling me that I was not going to church wearing the Crayola Blue lightening bolt I had drawn on my face (I'd like to think that I gave Gaga that idea through telekinesis, but I don't think she'd been born yet). Over the years, I have developed a minor obsession with beauty tips and tricks and am an admitted product junkie and I just love to share ideas...the trouble is, I work in a heavily male-dominated field. Sometimes, I'm the lone bit of estrogen in the office and while I enjoy having my own bathroom, I need a venue in which to be girly.

I give advice when solicited; I'm always flattered to be asked so ask away!

I'm not loyal to any one brand. I'm not selling anything, just sharing. If it's cheap and works well, great; if it's expensive and I like it, chances are it's worth the investment. (This is why I do not work in sales).

I especially enjoy the lesser known tips and tricks so share away! I'd love to hear them!

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