Thursday, October 18, 2012

CC Creams: What's Next, DD Creams?

Just when I thought I was all hip for knowing what BB Creams were, here come the CC creams; CC meaning "color and care" or "color and correct".

Like your BB Cream, but want something with better coverage with anti-aging and diminished discoloration benefits? CC Creams are your best bet. It's BB Cream for grown ups. I'm pretty excited because I'm getting up there in age. The only thing that's helping me look younger lately is my lack of height and some hair color.

There are quite a few CC Creams out on the Asian market already; even Chanel has jumped on the CC bandwagon! For those of us who do not travel to Asia from the USA Chanel's CC Cream is going for about $75 USD a pop on EBay. I'm not that curious (or rich).

Luckily, Olay Total Effects CC Tone Correcting Moisturizer hits the U.S. market this month and retails for about $25 USD.
Have you tried CC Creams yet?

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