Monday, November 12, 2012

Your Next Tube of Mascara-CoverGirl LashBlast Clump Crusher Review

I confess, I'm a mascara snob.

I somehow managed to get brows that constantly need pruning and fixative and some seriously wimpy lashes and hair. Cruel fate! Anything that promises a big lash is in my makeup bag, and usually money is no object. Still, I haven't found a formula that I've been overall impressed with...until CoverGirl LashBlast Clump Crusher Mascara came into my life two weeks ago!

My new favorite mascara
Being the mascara snob that I am, I would have walked right by the display in CVS  if I hadn't read about this mascara in Allure Magazine where it was listed in Beauty Breakthroughs.

Here's what makes this such a winner:

1. It stays on until you take it off: I always buy waterproof mascara because I'm such a greaseball. Usually when I attempt to wear a regular formula mascara,  I end up with greasy mascara hashmarks on my upper lids, or bloodshot raccoon eyes...or both. I've worn this every day for two weeks and it hasn't flaked or traveled elsewhere on my face yet.

2. It's easy to remove when you want to remove it: Despite it's awesome staying power, no oil based makeup remover is needed. At the end of the day if you're exhausted, it comes off easily with makeup removing wipes or Bioderma.

As a side note, if you have eyelash extensions, this would be an excellent mascara to use with them since it doesn't require an oil based remover or lots of tugging and rubbing to take off.

3. No clumps! Seriously, I tried putting on about 10 coats of this and I still can't get my lashes to look like fly legs.

4. No flakes! Besides resisting my greasies, I also don't find random "new" freckles on my face during the day. The formula dries soft and flexible, not stiff.

5. The brush: It's easy to control on both upper and lower lashes. Not ridiculously huge, but not too tiny either. The plastic bristles stay clean and clump free, which means less clumping on the lashes. 

6. The Endorsement: Even world renowned cosmetic chemist Ni'kita Wilson told Allure Magazine "I'm so impressed, I've made it my go-to mascara." I wonder how many mascaras she has access to?!

7. The Price:  $6 USD. That means I could buy 6 tubes of CoverGirl Clump Crusher for the price of one tube of my usual not as impressive mascara.

Here's a pic of my lashes with a few coats of Clump Crusher Last Blast and a little bit of kajal (and nothing else on my face) :

My eye...
As you can see, my lashes are not crazy impressive without my glue on lashes, but they're practically invisible without mascara. Plus, no fly legs and no black freckles.  

CoverGirl LashBlast Clump Crusher Mascara is available now in select markets like CVS, but should be available everywhere by the end of the month. At $6 USD a pop, it would be silly of you not to try it!

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