Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy Birthday, Doll! (Shameless Plug/Birthday Present)

In honor of Actress/Musician/Perfumer/Style Blogger/Mogul/fellow Jersey Girl  Dana Varon's birthday, I present to you: DOLL in Suntanned Perfume Oil.

Doll in Suntanned was created by Dana herself who wore and loved celebrity favorite Child Perfume  for years before deciding she would like to smell a little more "beachy, like my mom's Bain De Soleil suntan lotion". Every bottle is hand mixed and the fade down is apparently different on everyone. On me, it fades into a fresh, aloe-like scent. Plus, a little goes a long way.

I got mine when my dad and I stopped in to see Dana after walking halfway across Manhattan to see her and Jelly the Wonder Dog. She knew I was stopping by and when she took the roller ball bottle out for me she said "Here you go! I mixed this especially for you!" I hope to hear those words again sometime in my life, preferably not at a Jamba Juice counter.

My dad is notoriously NOT a fan of perfume, especially since I had dragged him to Frédéric Malle 6 months earlier which ended in his demanding that I hang out the car window on our way back to NJ. Did I mention this was in January? He told me, "You smell like a rose left in a filthy ashtray." to which I responded 'You don't's French. It's supposed to make a statement' (Isn't that what all French women want to smell like?). He saw the perfume, told Dana it was nice seeing her,  and opted for what he thought was the lesser of two evils: going outside to be hounded by Orchard Street leather blazer salesmen trying to get rid of their winter wear lines.

Of course I had to try it right away! It's a nice, light sunscreen scent. I dabbed some on my wrist and behind my ears. Even after that generous application, dad still managed to eat dinner in the same outdoor restaurant with me and did not ask me to bungee myself to the roof of the car on the way back to NJ. 

I've had my Doll for a year now and take it everywhere...its become my very own  fashionable Flat Stanley. Even famed beauty editor Andrea Linett is a fan!

Here's my Doll on her way to Palm Springs! Please note that the bottle originally had a very cute polka-dotted bow on it which is likely floating around in a purse somewhere in my closet.
Doll in Suntanned with Mount San Jacinto in the background (I was not driving when I took this photo)

You can purchase Doll by visiting featuring the a very Botticelli-esque Dana on the front page. You can also check out her very stylish blog at

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  1. This is a wonderful present doll! Thank you! xo!