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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Makeup for Kids

Recently, I got a call from my significant other about makeup.  He's not changing sides (although his Gay Pride Float Dance is a must see. It's epic), but his daughter is starting to hit her preteen years and getting curious about Justin Bieber, training bras, and lip gloss. "She tried to shave her legs and nearly bled to death!" I could hear his voice cracking...trembling at the realization that his little girl might want to *gasp!* DATE BEFORE HE'S DEAD! OK actually, he seemed pretty cool with it, but he did ask for me to help out a bit by setting her off on the right foot with the makeup or at least clue him in so it appears that he knows everything. "I told her if she has any questions that she could ask you since her mom isn't really into this sort of thing." 'Sure I'll pick up a few things for her at Target later tonight.' 

I didn't want to get her "baby" makeup like Bonne Bell or Sanrio since she is basically a small 22 year old with a high pitched voice; however I didn't think she needed anything either. This isn't Toddlers and Tiaras. I love the e.l.f. inexpensive! so convenient! so doesn't feel like fire ants on your face when you apply it despite the price point!  Plus some of the products are so sheer that even if the little whipper snapper over-applies before school, she won't get sent home for looking like the town floozy. Here's what I ended up with:

Brightening Eye Color Palette in Butternut 2001 ($1 USD): This is really the only MAKEUP  makeup that I purchased on her behalf. I got myself one too and the pigments are very pretty but not too bold or harsh. You can't really over-apply it.

Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara in Crystal 2201 ($1 USD) : The eyelash and eyebrow fairies were very generous with this little girl. For someone who wears Dior Show, this makes no impact at all, but for someone with virgin eyelashes to see their lashes darkened for the first time, the impact is huge.

Therapeutic Conditioning Balm in Strawberry Creme 8001 ($1 USD): A pink tinted lip balm that should prevent clown face and will hopefully stay out of the clothes dryer.

All Over Color Stick In Pink Lemonade 3101 ($1 USD): She's a smart kid, but we may have to have a discussion about what the all in All Over means. Maybe I'll just say 'It's blush.'

I'll put it all in a cute Sanrio bag for her. Dad can be the enforcer of the rule I suggested for her: It must be washed off before bed. No wash, no wear the next day!

What was your first makeup experience?

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